Don’t Let Pool Repairs Torpedo Your Budget

Don’t Let Pool Repairs Torpedo Your Budget

Pools Unlimited of Wolfforth, Texas offers affordable pool repair services

Your family loves splashing around in your backyard pool. But if you need pool repairs, your pool might as well just be a pond. If you live in the Wolfforth area, hire Pools Unlimited for reliable pool repair services. You can trust us to fix your:

  • Pool and spa pump
  • Pool and spa filter
  • DE filter
  • Sand filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Pool and spa motor

Don’t take your pool repair project into your own hands, risking property damage and personal injury. Trust the job to the experts at Pools Unlimited!

Renew your old pool with new plaster surface

If you own a pool, it’s good practice to have it re-plastered every 15-20 years for aesthetic and practical reasons. The plaster serves as a waterproof layer separating the pool water from the shell of your pool. Refurbishing your pool will also remove any stains and make it feel smoother. Ready to get started? Call us now at 806-863-3341 for a free estimate on our services.